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April 08, 2015
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Amit Kothari @tallyfy

Tallyfy streamlines your business processes. We simplify, track and measure processes in real-time, on any device by using checklists. This prevents avoidable errors skyrockets efficiency.

Meet the Organizers

Linh Nguyen @itenstl

Linh is the Network Relationship Coordinator at ITEN. Linh oversees ITEN's data collection and data management as well as developing closer relationships with all of ITEN's ventures, service providers and mentors.

Paul Heirendt Skype : pheirendt

Paul is an experienced intrepreneur, entrepreneur, founder, builder, and mentor with a strong history of successful, results-oriented business, sales and technical leadership. about.me/pheirendt

Past Organizers
Angela Arizpe @SSpotlighter
Dennis Piel @dennispiel
Jeremy Kicklighter @jckicklighter
Paul Hermanson @paulhermanson

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Past Presenters

Motavera is a virtual college recruiting platform for small and medium-sized businesses. We aim to redefine the relationship between organizations and college students by making it simple and easy for both parties to interact. The company was built by college students from Truman State University who are all too familiar with the problem college students face in finding internships and job opportunities.



adFreeq's revolutionary ad platform lets organizations market ALL their digital content or physical products on ANY web site with a new and powerful "data rich" ad called an adPortal.

Compliance and Reporting Software for Fixed income investments in the Business to Government Sector



MeterGenius is a customer engagement solution for electricity providers. MeterGenius builds white-labeled energy management software for electricity providers to give to their customers. The web and mobile apps that MeterGenius builds for electricity providers help residential customers engage with and lower their electricity consumption.

1 Million Cups 2nd Birthday in St. Louis


Wednesday (02/25) is 1MCSTL's 2nd birthday. Join us for this special occasion, featuring some of the best startups ever presented at 1MCSTL: SYNEK, Time to Cater, HealthyMe, Hey Let's Train, The Mission Center, Venture Cafe, Smart Care, Made for Freedom, and Play for the cause. Come learn about all the awesome progresses these ventures have made since they last presented. We will also provide donuts for you to enjoy along with the regular coffee.

ProductCamp St Louis


ProductCamp St Louis is an all-volunteer unconference for anyone who builds, designs, markets, manages, or sells a product or service. At an unconference, attendees vote to select the sessions that they want to participate in. The goal of ProductCamp is to learn, exchange ideas and network.

TreeTender Technologies


We believe technology should seamlessly intertwine with humans to make every aspect of life easier and more enjoyable. We chose to begin our journey by improving workflow efficiency within the network marketing industry- because of it's emphasis on relationships and communication. While our current MVP is designed specifically for the network marketing industry, it is based in human psychology and sociology, which is translatable to any industry.

Skejul Inc.


Skejul is the best way to plan, manage, and balance your life. Skejul is a dynamic global calendar in the cloud that enables people to set meetings in seconds without sharing calendars, bouncing emails back and forth, or disclosing private information. Skejul eliminates friction when planning and managing business meetings, family activities, and school events. Just tell skejul who you want to connect with and skejul intelligence works on everyone’s behalf to find the best date, time, & place.

XLR8 is the “match.com” for entrepreneurs - an online social matching platform that links rural and urban communities at the grassroots level, bringing together startups, investors, mentors and entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs) across an expanded ecosystem. We give entrepreneurs a distinct advantage by giving them access to a robust social online entrepreneurship community with a proprietary, intelligent matching engine, which connects users to the most relevant people and organizations based on their needs, all while supporting and strengthening the ESOs that serve them.

Claim Academy


We're teaching St. Louis how to code! We're St. Louis's first developer boot camp, teaching 12-week classes in Java, .NET, and Quality Engineering. Our goal is to develop programming talent here at home, building students into entry-level programmers in their chosen languages. Classes start in January of 2015.

blooom is an online investment advisor that has built a tool to fix the epidemic of mis-invested, mis-understood 401k retirement accounts for millions of savers in this country. We do this through a refreshingly simple web based user-interface for a fraction of the cost of what traditional investment advisors charge. Regardless of where your 401k is held, where you work, or how big your account is, blooom is available to everyone. We are disrupting an extremely large market with an equally large problem.

Shuttle Stuff


Saint Louis' online marketplace to buy and sell furniture. Shuttle Stuff makes selling and buying pre-owned furniture simple and affordable. For the seller, simple means scheduling pickups at your convenience, naming your price, and timely payment. For the buyer, simple means choosing what you like, buying online, and having it delivered right to you door or picking it up from our centrally located mid-town location. We pickup and deliver 3 days a week during our launch period. Whether it's mid-century modern, or slightly pre-owned from Pottery Barn, we want to be the easiest avenue so that you can get your hands on it.

As advertisers lose access to Consumers through print, radio & TV, Xooker delivers the next generation ad platform...real-time, location aware, relevant & personal. Restaurants/retailers get new customers, and keep them, through a powerful combo of personalized messaging, auto check-in, games, & rewards. Our analytic engine helps Merchants deliver relevant messages to individual Consumers, using data from interactions across multiple Merchants.

What If...? busts stale thought processes by facilitating conversations and user-generated workshops. We help bridge the gap between motivation and the ability to execute on ideas. We do this through events and working directly with leaders in education, entrepreneurship, organizations, and communities. We turn ideas into action. We're TED for doers.



Jeff Minnis founded PlazSoft in 2011 to create fun games with unique gameplay and graphics, as well as other game changing business and educational software.

Nutshellz manufactures, distributes, and sells high-end protective equipment. Our signature product is a patent protected bullet-proof groin protection device designed to provide the ultimate level of performance and comfort for high-impact athletes, law enforcement, and military.

RE-Axe Products LLC


We are the innovators of the 'Axe-Handler', The Worlds best Guitar Support Stand! Also, We also have products for firearms and the medical device market places.

SirenGPS, Inc.


SirenGPS links a mobile app on smartphones with cloud based emergency management solutions, creating IP communication communities to enable browser based emergency management.



There are thousands of venues and events each year that would like to stream and record live, broadcast-quality video content but the costs of production are too prohibitive. Clone.TV built the FIRST broadcast-quality video creation platform for the masses. Our technology is based on low cost, smart robotic camera control software that mimics human behavior and video workflow automation to drive production costs to zero.

Playing for the Cause


Playing for the Cause connects musicians, their fans, and communities through charitable giving. The concept is simple: Musicians pick a cause to support throughout a tour,donate a chosen amount in each city, then ask fans to donate via a mobile device. Local organizations supporting the work of the musicians’ cause apply to receive funds raised at the concerts. Playing for the Cause handles all of the behind the scenes work for musicians, fans, and nonprofits.

Dabble Inc


Online marketplace for classes in the community. We aim to unbundle the barriers to learning by empowering teachers and building a community of knowledge seekers.

My PicPacs, Llc


My Pic Pacs has two patent pending products that help people find the time and convenience to floss their teeth daily. We have found that the most common reason people do not floss is TIME. Our products allows you to have floss pics available almost anywhere with a simple clip on device that solves this common reason for not flossing daily.

Pushup Social


Add your own social network or community an existing website in minutes! Build and grow your community without having to rebuild or redesign your existing site. Pushup Social adds a social network bar to the bottom of the site, which can be launched or put away with a simple click. Community members can now share photos, posts, and more all on the website of the Brand, Organization, or Group they care about. Site owners can now engage their community, access analytics, moderate content, improve SEO, and increase the overall stickiness and relevance of their website.

Influence & Co.


We help companies position key individuals as industry influencers and thought leaders. We focus on creating high-quality content, coming from our clients, that reaches their target audience online. Our clients range from startups to fast-growing companies on the Inc. 5000, as well as Fortune 500 brands.

The Evoke Group


We are a creative digital media agency specializing in responsive web development and professional video production as well as digital advertising associated with the content we create. We focus on actionable metrics and believe every business should be making money online.

Knewsco Digital Inc.


Knews.co is a news website on a mission to make it easier for us all to understand and follow important events happening in the world. We will accomplish this by taking a educational approach to our website, removing all of the clutter typical on other news websites. We aren't rewriting the book, instead redesigning it. Our user-interface, site structure and content organization is unlike any other website out right now.

Square One - SQ1


SQ1 is a 10-week boot camp for early-stage entrepreneurs that are considering or just launching a company. Ideal candidates have a concept or business with patents or intellectual property in the Bio, IT, and Consumer & Commercial Products industries. The class meets one evening a weeks to explore topics including business plan development, legal and intellectual property considerations for business formation, accounting and tax issues, market research, marketing strategy, and regulatory concerns.

EveryEventGives, LLC


EveryEventGives provides an easy way to sell event tickets online, and we give a portion of our fees – $0.50 for every ticket — to the charity of the event planner's choice. The company is run by successful entrepreneurs Sean Spence and Greg Wolff and is generating revenues. An advisory board of local heavyweights has been assembled to assist in building a company of national prominence.

LTA Partners, LLC


We are a web based and mobile application that is used by charities, brands and fans to engage consumers in unique fundraising and promotional programs through sports. Since sport occurs 24/7/365 in the world... what better way to create an audience who is passionate about his or her team while helping out causes or building brand awareness and loyalty through an avenue which they are already an avid fan of.

Panda Laundry Factory


Panda Laundry is the world's first systems based, fully-automated, assembly production wash-and-fold service. Basically, it is wash-and-fold service done faster, better, and cheaper than it has ever been done before. Panda utilizes computer technology to increase volume output at drastically lowered unit costs.

SYNEK is the first ever beer packaging that gives people access to any beer ever made fresh on their kitchen counter. We recently opened pre-orders and secured over $600,000 in less than two weeks. In that same period, we have been able to sign on board over 600 breweries providing access to over 10,000 different brands to our backers. We have returned to 1 Million Cups to talk about why we failed horribly the first week of our pre-order campaign, how we pivoted, and why SYNEK has received so much traction.

Venture Cafe Foundation - St. Louis


The Venture Café Foundation (VCF) is the non-profit sister organization of the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC), the largest concentration of startups under one roof anywhere in the world. The organization has a three-fold mission: (1) building and connecting communities of innovation locally, nationally, and internationally (2) expanding the definition of innovation and entrepreneurship, and (3) building a more inclusive innovation economy.



Porta-Count is an OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Statistical Calculator. By using this App on your phone, it will allow you to check the operating efficiency of your equipment.

Classroom Library Co.


The Classroom Library Company is an educator owned and operated company that publishes and distributes educational media correlated to the new Common Core Standards. All of our products consist of high interest educational materials available to the K-8 marketplace. Some educators are not aware of new and exciting educational materials that have been created to educate children under the guise of favorite children's characters and exciting themes. Our goal is to get children reading at an early age, so they are able to acquire the skills needed to compete in the 21st century.

Made for Freedom


The mission of Made for Freedom is to increase the quality of life for marginalized women and sex trafficking survivors while raising awareness through globally inspired apparel.

PIXI Medical


PIXI Medical is a healthcare company devoted to improving medication compliance - its flagship product, the PIXI Portal, is a prescription management device, capable of dispensing medication, recording user data, and communicating with users and healthcare providers through a dedicated web and mobile application. PIXI creates a stress-free environment for the user through friendly automatic reminders and medication dispensation – reducing confusion for patients relying on multiple prescriptions.



The best way to build a personal/business brand or presence in any industry is to create content about it. With websites like Medium, Wordpress, YouTube, Tumblr, LinkedIn and others, it’s never been easier to share knowledge. 89% of businesses use content marketing. Because social media is now the leading driver of traffic, there needs to be a tool that measures how impactful/engaged/influential content is across authors, articles, and topics.

Space Sculpt


Space Sculpt is an online platform that is making interior design affordable. Property owners can launch a design project for 75% less than the cost of hiring a local design firm. Interior designers sign up for free, upload their portfolios, and receive immediate access to projects from all over the world.

Visiolog, LLC


Visiolog, LLC is seeking to commercialize a handheld optometric device invented at the University of Missouri - St. Louis that accurately quantifies visual suppression. The first-in-class medical device is poised to become the only non-invasive solution capable of providing clinicians with an immediate, quantifiable measurement of visual suppression. This device has the potential to impact visual health for millions of children and adults both in the United States and around the world.

ICON Limitless


Icon Limitless partners with its artists to provide them with the production, manufacturing, distribution and promotion they need to succeed in today's music industry.

SmartCare Consultants


An open standards based system of safety sensors within senior comm. The sensors track data, in real-time comm. to the system. Facility personnel or the resident’s family, can then access this information. Alerts are sent directly to the staff notifying them in case of an anomalous condition requiring attention. Integrating with RF tracking in order to immediately be aware of falls and location in the case of wanderers. This solution not only dramatically increases resident safety, but also aggregates data.



Acera Surgical, Inc. is a medical device company located in St. Louis, MO producing a first-in-class line of implantable nanofabricated surgical materials and related tools/accessories offering superior handling, greater ease of use, increased reliability, and improved clinical outcomes for surgeons, patients, and payers.



Knoda organizes the world's predictions to create a fun game for predictors and valuable information for content producers.

International PROOF Systems, LLC


International PROOF Systems (IPS) has a mission to improve current processes through advanced technology. IPS is currently improving the process of validating auto insurance, vehicle registration, and minimizing the time that it takes to locate a vehicle in the instance of an emergency, this is all performed through the world's first computerized license plate, known as PROOF Smart Tags.

Hey Let's Train


A socialized telerehabilitation platform providing HIPAA compliant access to patients and clients from a far. We provide post-care options through our network of medical trainers and personal trainers to continue your rehabilitation post-care. Hey Let’s Train now creates a way for care providers to increase their patient load while creating new revenue opportunities and delivering positive patient outcomes.

Dual Cases, LLC


Dual Cases, LLC is the next generation of mobile phone cases, pairing a sleek, modern look with customizability. Dual Cases are made of two layers – a plastic outer layer for strength and protection, and a rubber inner layer for grip and shock absorption. The unique shape and cut-out capability offers customizability for logos or text, while the two layers allow for endless color options.

Code Red Education


Code Red has developed a comprehensive 1st - 12th grade curriculum that trains students in computer coding and computer science skills in order to prepare them for tech careers after high school graduation.



Kampus is a free social networking app that helps college students interact exclusively with others enrolled in the same school. In November, Kampus won a Pitch Competition at Lindenwood University that featured Daymond John (CEO of FUBU and an investor on "Shark Tank") as judge. They currently have a beta version of their product on the App Store and are trying it out in 12 schools in 4 countries. They are also in the running for this year's Arch Grants Competition, having passed the first round.

Better Weekdays


Better Weekdays has built a next generation job-matching platform that connects middle market companies and millennials based on not only their skills, but their FIT with the corporate culture. We engage job seekers by combining essential elements of career management on a single platform, personalized to their needs and aspirations. Our process produces predictive data that allows our corporate customers to advertise their job opportunities to the most relevant talent pools.

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